Euro Dog Show 2019 Wels - 14.06.2019
    Judge: Urek Tatjana, SLO

    Dogs Junior Class:
        Princess Pride Marquis    excellent 3    
        Princess Pride Ellsworth 'Szöcske'    excellent 2    
        Kentavros Fivos of Lucksheray    very good 4    
        Sheradin's Star Manhattan    very good    
        Latin Lover The Original Sin    excellent 1    Best Junior, European Junior Winner

    Dogs Intermediate Class:
        Fairray 'N Wingfield Nobody Is Perfect But Me    excellent 1    CACA
        Latin Lover Lucifero    very good 2    

    Dogs Open Class:
        Lego Amazes Me Simarilion    excellent 1    CACA
        Claudius Cacharel Lymarkos    excellent 2    res. CACA
        Noto Donald Trump    excellent 3    
        Severus Snape Elater Polonica    excellent 4    

    Dogs Working Class:
        Windsong AGE Darion    very good 4    
        Fairray 'N Wingfield Midsummer Night Dream    excellent 3    
        Latin Lover Swan Lake    excellent 2    res. CACA
        Latin Lover Mad About You    excellent 1    CACA
        Artu    good    

    Dogs Champion Class:
        Luca Amazes Me Simarilion    very good    
        Blue Baltic's Lawrence of Arabia    excellent 4    
        Silvanus Tiziano-Tullio    excellent 3    
        Princess Pride It's My Life    very good    
        Princess Pride Loving Heart    very good    
        Latin Lover Deep Secret    excellent    
        Fantail's Legends Never Die    excellent 1    CACA, CACIB, European Winner
        New O'Malley's Bonjour Prince Charming    very good    
        Fairray Love Is In The Air    excellent    
        Victor's Very Valentino Simarilion    excellent    
        Fairray Give Me Five    excellent 2    res. CACA, res. CACIB

    Dogs Veteran Class:
        Latin Lover High Dreamer in Gold    excellent 1    BOS, Best Veteran, European Veteran Winner

    Bitches Junior Class:
        Emma    very good 4    
        Sheradin's Star Miami Beach    excellent 1    Best Junior, European Junior Winner
        Hechicera Estrellita Leslie Leven    excellent 2    
        Silver Isle's Diamonds 'R Forever    excellent 3    

    Bitches Intermediate Class:
        Charlotte Miss of Settercity    excellent 2    res. CACA
        Fairray 'N Wingfield More To Tell    excellent 1    CACA

    Bitches Open Class:
        Princess Pride Born To Be My Baby    excellent 3    
        Edenbridge National Song    excellent 1    CACA, CACIB, BOB, European Winner
        Latin Lover Baltic Breeze    very good 4    
        Lymarkos Brigitte Bardot    very good    
        Fairray Go Go Girl    excellent 2    res. CACA, res. CACIB

    Bitches Working Class:
        Latin Lover Over The Moon    excellent 1    CACA
        Cecilia Miss of Settercity    excellent 2    res. CACA

    Bitches Champion Class:
        Limba Amazes Me Simarilion    excellent 1    CACA
        Fairray Zanzibar    excellent 2    res. CACA
        Wansleydale Orszak Gold    very good    
        Fantail's I'm A Legend    excellent 4    
        Lucksheray Fly Of Butterfly    very good    
        Princess Pride Follow Your Heart    excellent 3    

    Bitches Veteran Class:
        Gillian Leigh Anderson von der Guldegg    excellent 1    Best Veteran, European Veteran Winner
        Latin Lover Snow on Sahara    excellent 2    res. Best Veteran

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